Thursday, December 29, 2011

Immolith - StormDragon

Some of you may remember my interview with the New Jersey black metal onslaught known as Nuklearenpest, others, probably not. (not that it could go any more than those two ways) Here's another black metal outfit hailing from the New Jersey area, Immolith. They'll be releasing their newest album, StormDragon on, oddly enough, Valentine's Day next year (Feb. 14, 2012) via, a place I've honestly never heard of until I approached Immolith about doing a review for them. It seems has a varied assortment of bands to choose from so, check them out when you get a free moment in your busy daily routines. 

Immolith formed in 2008 and have thus far released a demo and an EP, StormDragon will be their first 'proper' full length and my first introduction to the band other than a handful of songs I've heard here and there. They were also hand-selected by Infernus of Gorgoroth fame for his label, Forces of Satan Records.

Here's a blurb from the label that may peak some curiosity with some of you characters:
"Produced by Chris Grigg (WOE, Candlelight Rec.), "StormDragon" is a full-fledged, no frills, black metal assault on the senses. This is straight-forward US black metal at its finest!" 
Does that get your juices flowing? Maybe...if not, here's a free song, entitled "Hymns to the Countess" off of their Bandcamp page.

Admittedly, I tend to stay away from any form of cleanliness in production with such an ugly genre. However, I can't help but find StormDragon extremely catchy and still quite ugly. It's fast-paced, straight-forward (repeating this from the blurb I know), and thrashes its many nauseating heads violently like the Hydra would have had it listened to metal or been in one hellishly epic battle. These eight tracks (or heads, eh?) are some pissed off Elizabeth Bathory evil-worshiping thrashy black metal taking influence from Venom, Bathory, Dissection and Darkthrone to name a few.  Maybe in some alternate realm, Immolith are the Hydra (Hydralith? Immohyd?) that slaughters all of the victims for Elizabeth Bathory, rather than her four accused servants, so that she may bathe in the blood of the unspoiled virgins and retain her youth. It's all speculation, but it would sure as Hell be cool.

At any rate, untainted virgin slaughtering via Hydra aside, StormDragon is everything I said it was above. Drop by for the release on the day of The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, and until then, check out one of their many pages linked below the photo.

Look at these guys, I just want to bloodlet with them.

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