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Nuklearenpest Interview

This interview comes from New Jersey band, Nuklearenpest. Two gentlemen releasing some of the finest in underground Black Metal out there today. They hold an Anti-Zionistic ideology that should not to be confused with NSBM. Being the first release from Fallen Empire Records and having released a number of demos and splits between Horizon Productions and Dullest Records, it's time the world is given a proper introduction to a band who is well thought-out and highly promising. 

BS: You’ve already explained elsewhere before, and you’ve even made an image to help further explain the bands ideology. Could you elaborate on the Anti-Zionistic stance the band holds? How widespread is this movement, and how are you personally tied to Anti-Zionism?

We stand against the state of Israel for all the wrongs that have been committed in its name, past, present, and future. Israel is mistakenly called “the Jewish state”, when in fact the corrupt, nationalist Zionist regime is completely secular. Israel was founded in recent times by blatant land theft, while Zionists played up on the Holocaust card to draw sympathy, favor, and aid from the West. Israel's militaristic campaigns are brutal and inhumane, and so long as the United States continues to send vast sums of money into Israeli coffers, the so called “Islamic extremists” who “threaten” our country with violence will continue to do so.

BS: It sounds like a reciprocating cycle. We, in a sense, seem to be helping aid the attacks on our own country thus giving us an “excuse” to be involved in something that isn’t of our concern.

Exactly. Giving aid to a country that doesn't even need it really has no long term benefits for the United States. We give them billions each year, yet at this point Israel is so far technologically and economically self sufficient (especially compared to the other countries of the region) that it's really just a free handout. They don't need it, but we keep giving.

BS: Are you familiar with other Anti-Zionist acts?

None in particular. Some of the larger NS bands wrongly use the “anti-ZOG” tag to avoid being called National Socialists. This is an act of cowardice and greed, and we do not endorse it.

BS: Thus far, Nuklearenpest have released two demos, “Consigned to the Black Plague” and “Manifesto.” How was the writing process for both of those tapes? What labels did you work with on them?

“Consigned” was written in Fall 2010 as a 2-piece, but was not recorded until Winter. “Manifesto” was written Spring 2011, and was much more of a collaborative effort (with many elements being written by H.L.).

We recently released a third demo, “Monuments”, on limited cassette format. This was written for the most part as a 2-piece again, and was recorded as such.

BS: Nuklearenpest had taken the jump from a 2-piece to a 3-piece but are now back to a 2-piece. Do you find the group works better with two heads or are there plans to obtain more members?

For now, the plan is to keep it at 2. H.L. left for reasons personal to him - his role was one that is difficult to replace, and for now the 3rd spot will remain vacant.

BS: Tell us about the two split tapes (one with fellow New Jersey natives, Mortum, the other a 3-way split with Wulfgravf and Thestral just put out as the first releases from Fallen Empire Records.

Mortum was founded by A. back in Summer 2006, and has recently undergone a complete transformation – newer, more productive lineup, and a new style altogether. Nuklearenpest will always support Mortum, ideologically and as a live entity.

The idea behind the second split was conceived between Z. and Anghrist of Thestral. Thestral should ideally be held in highest regard by all who worship the better side of USBM pre-2000s (Judas Iscariot, I Shalt Become, Wind of the BlackMountains, etc.). If you aren't familiar with the available Thestral material, we suggest that all do so immediately.

BS: How’d you get connected with Fallen Empire?

We found Mike online back in July, and quickly took an interest in FE when we realized it was a New Jersey based label. Mike in turn was highly supportive of us, and offered to release future material. He has done an excellent job thus far with releasing and promoting the splits, and we are very thankful for that.

In turn, we'd like to suggest everyone look into “SVN OKKLT”, a blog Mike co-runs that routinely brings incredible and obscure black metal releases to our attention. Many featured are limited tape releases that those at SVN OKKLT have personally ripped themselves.

BS: Are there any plans of touring with the new material?

We've just returned from a 3 day weekend tour with Mortum. We played in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. There are no immediate plans for future live shows, being that the 2-piece format does not work quite as well in a live setting. The consideration for session/live members will be made if future shows are offered, but for now, we aren't going to go looking. All concentration will be on future releases (splits and demos).

BS: Some individuals choose to shun certain bands because of their beliefs. What is black metal to you and do you believe there’s any good reason to boycott a band because of their beliefs?

Black metal is hate and strength. Black metal is the ultimate “fuck-off”, so if you're censoring yourself to begin with, your product will ultimately be weaker. Black metal should not be politically correct. The NSBM of old got this right (somewhat), although their message has been skewed time and time again by those who see “proud” music as a symptom of Nazism.

There are a few good reasons. The majority of the sieg heiling, Absurd-worshipping NS bands come to mind. While self-censorship is the enemy of black metal, it is something else entirely to go over the top, yet possess no musical competence to begin with. On the other side of the spectrum is much of the new “PC black metal”, or “RABM”. Here is a movement with no direction and no integrity, sustained only by a few capable acts that are mislabelled entirely. 

BS: How’s the metal scene in New Jersey? It definitely seems like something is stirring.

To those outside the state, it may appear so. There are multiple metal “scenes” in New Jersey, each with varying degrees of popularity and following. The most significant, and one with the most potential, is in large part run by a promoter from North Jersey who regularly brings in out of state (sometimes international) black metal bands, although turnout is usually poor.

New Jersy has never really had a significant underground black metal community. Most of the bands that played here 10-15 years ago (now regarded as “legends”) were generic and talentless back then, and even more so now.

The true “underground” here is in large part dead. Urban basement shows are common, yet are frequented by generic hardcore/punk bands and attended by people who care more about becoming intoxicated than they do about any music that is going on.

BS: The failed turnouts, do you think this is due to promotional issues or just a lack of interest in general?

Overall lack of interest. Promotion is done as well as can be, but the truth of the matter is that there just aren't many people into underground extreme metal here. Even among those interested, many lack the dedication, time, or money to regularly attend shows.

BS: Any bands in particular stick out more than the rest?

Past and present....Hollenlarm (PA), Thestral (PA), Mortum (NJ), Cold Blank Stare (NJ), Ave Satanas (NJ), Astaroth (NJ), Immolith (NJ).

BS: I don’t know about the rest of the Nuklearenpest fan base but, I want to get my consumerist hands on a shirt, or even better, a hoodie. Any plans for printing merch?

A shirt design is ready, and we are currently working out details on getting it pressed. It will hopefully be available by the end of the year, via HorizonProductions:                                  

BS: Is Horizon Productions a development of Nuklearenpest?

Yes, we founded Horizon Productions around the time the two splits were released as another outlet of distribution. We'll be doing occassional, limited cassette releases (Mortum's upcoming full length on cassette will be HP-02, our newest demo “Monuments” was HP-01), mainly for our own projects, but future releases will include other local acts, as well as any others we deem fit.

BS: Who designed the band’s logo? It’s an intense piece of art.

That was done for us by Alyssa Maucere through our label, Dullest Records.

BS: Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you very much for your time and for giving us this opportunity. I'm a long time reader of Blackened Slugs and you do good work. We salute you for your open-mindedness and wish you the best of luck.

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