If you have material to review, questions, concerns, suggestions, etc please contact me at We enjoy interacting with fans and bands alike so feel free.


What we're looking for to do reviews: 
We want your pissed-off, filthy, unnerving, and downright unpleasant SLUDGE, NON-TRADITIONAL DOOM, and BLACK METAL.

What we're NOT looking for:
Although we respect the majority of genres, we want to keep the integrity of Blackened Slugs alive. With that being said, we do NOT want submissions from bands that are more Post-"Genre-X," than they are the actual genre. We do NOT want CLEAN SINGING, quite honestly, it feels like what I would imagine seeing my grandparents naked would feel like. In other words, not a good thing. Whispering vocals, chanting vocals, etc are fine, it's the singing singing we do NOT want.

Also, we completely respect the roots of the genres we review and listen to but, we are NOT looking for Traditional Doom acts.

If you're questioning whether or not you or your band fit the bill, LOOK at what we review and decide from there.

We are not totally against these things, but they are NOT what we want to review for Blackened Slugs. If you'd still like us to review something for you or if you'd like for our blog-partner to review your material we would like to direct you to Blood or Love. Blood or Love is an underground music webzine with no specific genre requirements. We share writing staff so if you're looking for a specific writer, they can be requested. Just fill out the contact form and Sarah or one of the other writers WILL get back to you.

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