Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hell - II

The horror! Oh, the horror! Hell II is here! Squealing, gurgling, growling, grunting, gastrointestinal-juice-projecting! If you weren't skull-fucked enough by Hell I, then strap your bulbous ass down in an electric chair and flip the switch to get those stagnant bodily fluids flowing once more. Gog, the ultimate enemies of God's people. Metnal (redirected to Xibalba, and no, not that crap-ass band), the place of fear to the Mayans, ruled by the Mayan Death Gods. Trucid, random sources lead me to believe this is to kill, or more precisely, "to slice the throat" or massacre and Umbilicus(cut the cord!). These are the titles of the four tracks of disturbed blackened doom/drone that will undoubtedly permeate the mind and body leaving the most pleasant yet unsettling feeling within you.

Unlike a heap of mind-numbingly redundant droney blackened whatever, Hell deliver something unique and otherworldly. They've really built onto themselves to step forward from the last album, I, making II an excellent progression. That's not to say that Hell's I should be discredited in the slightest. Rather, it's more or less that they've used the same style and sound but instead of being cookie-cut from I to II, it's its own entity. An entity that conjoins the two and continues the troubled, desperate sounds.

As if my mind wasn't already blown and trembling over this album, the fact that this is at least 99% the construction of one man (and I'm not going to go back to change "they" to "he"), from the US has made my noticeable fan-boy-dom all the greater. I won't go into too many details considering I'd like to respect the shroud that has been kept over Hell but, do some research and you'll find out some interesting things as well as stumble on some other great bands from years gone by that I was too slow to hear at the time they were prominent.

As with the first album, Hell give us some beautifully detailed blood-washed artwork that is presumably a depiction of the eternal Hell we're all doomed to face. If I could, I'd scan in some images...but I'm not going to, because you need to buy both of these albums and wait restlessly (like myself) for the third. Sad news for you slackers is, Hell I is gone(this may be a lie, I don't know the inventory of all 9 million labels). That doesn't mean you shouldn't swing on over to Pesanta Urfolk and pick up a copy of II though. So, do just that. Support Hell, and support Pesanta.

Pesanta Urfolk BUY!
Hell Metal Archive
Hell I Review

This video is the track "Brutus" off of the first album


  1. Hell yeah... got mine the other day. Just left everything else to do just to rip the cassette quickly. So good man.. so good. "I" was awesome but this one is equally great. I find it more atmospheric than "I", it has great acoustic passages and all of a sudden Black Metal blastbeats appear like a fuckin' apparition from beyond.. and then a fuckin' doom riff is launched into the air and it goes almost from doom to drone. And that bass.. dude, the bass!! The chords of that bass must reach the floor. I love Hell. What a great release.

  2. Glad you're as excited about this release as I am! So true about the bass, it's incredible that something can be that low and still sound amazing. Really looking forward to III!


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