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Rambling and Year End List 2011 - Nick

The end of the year is almost here and what a 'year' it has been. I didn't start Blackened Slugs until July 1st of this year, and pretty much the only reason I did was to give myself something to do while I sat around healing from my first ever surgery. With the help of my close friend and neighbor, Joe, we scoured the internet day in and day out looking for music we both enjoyed. We discovered a ton of shitty bands and a few really awesome bands. On top of that, it helped to rekindle my love of writing. I'm not a vocal person and highly introverted by nature but Blackened Slugs turned into a huge outlet for me. I've always been passionate about music, but I've never understood or been able to hear all the finite details of it. If you haven't noticed by my reviews I tend to just write about how the music makes me feel or what it brings to my imagination rather than deconstructing songs bit by bit, instrument by instrument, etc. It works for me, and people seem to dig it too.

I've met some really awesome people in this short travel and heard more music than I thought I could in 5 months time. The page-views have increased tenfold (literally comparing some months to others). We broke 60 fans which may not seem like a lot, but it's more than I ever anticipated and I managed to get a hold of two writers that are both talented in their own unique regard (Todd - Technical, Mark - Maniacally outrageous). Luckily, I've become good friends with both of these gentlemen. I've met and kept in contact with a few labels that are run by truly genuine people. I met an artist who was kind enough to lend his time and talent toward creating a kick-ass superhero-esque Slug Stamp. It's really humbling and awesome to sit here and reflect on the amount of things that have happened since July. At the time of writing this, the page is sitting at over 5,500 views.

What's the meaning behind this semi-lengthy rambling? There is none. In the end I just want to say thank you all for reading, giving feedback, listening to, supporting labels we support, and supporting the bands that we've reviewed, interviewed or support, and of course the bands for their contributions in making music that keeps a lot of us going through our days and allows us to vent all of our pent-up rage and anger no matter what our reasons are. (I used support way too many times in that paragraph)

Finally, here it is, my year-end list. Keep in mind, I can only listen to so many albums so there's a good chance that something you wished would be on this list, isn't there.

My personal year-end list, 15 full lengths, 10 EPs/Splits/Demos, and  a few palette cleansers that you may not enjoy seeing but let's face it, sometimes you need something to freshen up those ear-holes.

Full Lengths

Hell - II (Yes, it was released in 2010 on tape, but I reviewed the vinyl, so it works for me.)

Wormrot - Dirge (ran a grind webzine for a bit, grind was my first introduction into 'extreme metal' I had lost interest in it up until I heard this album)

Indian - Guiltless (I don't have much to say about this other than it's awesome)

Ensorcelor - Crucifuge (one of the first bands I found of the black/doom mixture and one of the ones that helped influence the starting of Blackened Slugs)

Ulcerate - The Destroyers of All (sometimes you just need something brutal)

Masakari - The Prophet Feeds (the samples alone on this album make it totally worth it)

Tukaaria - Raw to the Rapine (excellent album, look for the vinyl release out on Fallen Empire in 2012)

Mitochondrian - Parasignosis (total mind-fuck chaos, perfect for shitty days)

Craft - Void ("I Want to Commit Murder," need there be more of an explanation?)

Ash Borer - Ash Borer (amazingly harsh and addictive, one of the few bands I've adamantly hunted down all releases I can find)

Altar of Plagues - Mammal (I just love this album, everything about it, could be my Irish genetics)

Seven Sisters of Sleep - Seven Sisters of Sleep (I don't remember who said it, but it was something like sludge for people with short attention spans, very accurate)

Ordo Obsidium - Orbis Tertius (amazing album, black/doom/chaos)

Moloch - Possession (EHG worship that definitely stands out above the rest of the sludge I've heard in recent times with one exception to be listed in the demo half)

Wolvhammer - The Obsidian Plains (just heard this really recently, but it was awesome enough to make the list)

Mutilation Rites - Demo (black/thrash/doom, fantastic band, amazing live, recently signed to Prosthetic Records)

Thantifaxath - Demo (absolutely incredible release, look for the vinyl out on Media Tree Recordings at the end of the year, hopefully)

Ruin Lust - Demo (black-death!)

Gottesmorder - EP (awesome guys, great EP)

Nuklearenpest - Monuments (Anti-ZOG low-fi BM awesomeness) 

Grime - Self Titled EP (holy fuck, what a promising band. Sludge your face off)

Thou - To the Chaos Wizard Youth (it's Thou, no need for explanation)

Alpinist/Masakari Split (this was a hit with a lot of people including myself)

Haggatha - III 7" EP (pretty big difference from II, but still awesome)

Sortilegia - Pestilent Black Sorcery (members of Thantifaxath, awesome low-fi BM)

Palette Cleansers (that you'll probably think, what the fuck?)

Those Poor Bastards - Is This Hell? (Gothic-country greatness on Tribulation Recordings)

Atmosphere - The Family Sign (sorry folks, but I do enjoy some hip-hop, being infatuated with word syntax, hip-hop brings an interesting twist and this album hit home on a number of levels on Rhymesayers Entertainment)

Seasick Steve - You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks (when you've got the blues, you need to get Seasick Steve, on Third Man Records)

Todd and Mark's  year-end lists are on their way. Keep an eye out for those and check out some of the bands you haven't heard. Remember, the purchase of an album leads to the funding for a follow-up album. You want new music, then support it!

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