Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scroll - Self Titled Tape

Scroll, a one-man band from Washington deliver us some noisy, atmospheric black metal on this self titled, five track tape.

It was recorded in a 1971 Airstream on a farm in Shelton, Washington over this past summer and ironically enough, the first image that came to mind was having some deranged musician handcuffing me to the small table/bed hybrid in an Airstream filled with amps. I imagine he'd plug in with the most menacing of grins, do some wrist stretches, and then start to trem-pick like a madman on a binge of uppers.

The resonating sound would undoubtedly make my skin boil and fester, eventually tearing apart and leaving me in a puddle of my own bloody sinew and bone. But, I'd be lying there, corpse-ified, with a smile on my face.

All morbidness aside, Scroll bring a well-done sampling of what's to come. Swooping vocal trails, and furious picking all wrapped up tightly in a generally hollowed-out, echoing atmospheric noise. The rest of the instrumentation falls to the background more in supportive roles than in the limelight.

Couple a good sound, with unique packaging, and you have yourself, Scroll. The tape itself came in a handcrafted bag just like the image to the right. He definitely put a lot of DIY work into his first effort and we can only hope that, that will continue. It's always great to see a musician put a substantial amount of effort into the physical aesthetics as well as the auditory aesthetics. Although the extremely limited edition first-press is long sold out, the good news is that there will be a second press sometime early next year (2012). Drop by any of the pages below to check out and support Scroll!

Scroll Bandcamp
Scroll Facebook
Metal Archives (Post-Black/Shoegaze? who knows)

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