Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hell - I

All the typical things of a black drone album come to mind with Hell, haunting, evil, chills, anger and greatness. But, the fact of the matter is that unlike a lot of the same ‘ol thing repackaged, “I” is actually addicting and memorable. Like a version of Dragged into Sunlight, but at the same time totally unique to their own. Walls of thick guitar work crush the meek hairs on the outer part of your eardrums, between doom, sludge, drone, some rock and black metal-type parts. Hell’s audio clips are an interesting addition, strange but still an added delight to listen to as a sort of intermission. The album drones on at times like walking through a river of intestines where you end up tangled and slowed (and covered in red like the rest of the album art, at which point people will say “Got red on you” because they recall that part in Sean of the Dead when Sean has red on his shirt). While this is going on, some haunting wraith swoops above you shrieking in ways unimaginable to ordinary man through the rotten mouth of its decayed face. The vocals on I are seriously intense, squealing, shrieking, yelling, it’s all here and in a number of ways you probably wouldn’t expect on a black-drone album.

iTunes brings this 6 song (seems appropriate) album up as “unclassifiable” in the genre tab, which is partly true…unless you came up with an amalgamation of the genre terms…like…Bladorone (Black Doom Drone)…but things are confusing enough with genre labeling. Hell have made themselves pretty damn hard to find anything on considering “Hell” and “I” return a million results in a search but the good folks over at Pesanta Urfolk have Hell I available. They also have Hell II now shipping, and an extremely limited box set of the three albums together, coming soon.

Here's a link to an excerpt from Hell I
A link to the fine folks at Pesanta Urfolk
That's all you get, I know nothing, Lebowski.


  1. Hey! I found this wonderful blog of yours while i was searching more info about the italian sludge band Grime.. although i couldn't help to comment this release.. it's so good man. I'm waiting for my version of Hell's "II" tape to arrive. Keep up the good work. Later!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Hell is pretty amazing, I'm waiting on Hell II to arrive also. Keep checking back, we'll be posting more frequently and in due time we'll be moving over to an actual domain.

  3. Will do, and Nick, remember to pass by my blog also ;)



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