Friday, March 2, 2012

Solstorm - Solstorm

Solstorm Cover Art 

Sludge and black metal share a common characteristic. It is named chaos, and it should permeate. Control has no real place in these bleak, unhallowed spaces. I want dark, bleak blackness. I want to break commandments, spit on the cross and run through the streets with blood pouring for my frothing teeth. I have no interest in hearing, only feeling is real. The screams mean nothing without a sweaty hands around your throat. This album, sadly does not fulfill this dark need.

Solstorm slow it down, for sure. And the guitars frequently bring mournful melodies, if you can put up with the ever-present chug. The drums continue on that path. They sound fantastic, don't get me wrong. But they don't fit. And the vocals. Just stop. Give Randy Blythe back to Lamb of God and take back his stash of downers. It's too much, really. 

Honestly, Solstorm is not a bad band by any stretch. They play very competently and I think would fit well in the company of juggernauts like Dimmu Borgir, Strapping Young Lad and the aforementioned Lamb of God. In the context of Blackenedslugs, however, I say no thank you.

If you have any interest in the band you can buy the album on cd or pay-what-you-want digital download here

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