Saturday, March 3, 2012

No Pleasure in Life - Happiness is Not an Option

 Written by: Nick

Jacksonville, Florida's No Pleasure in Life really don't need a description other than their name. It says it all, depressed as they come, and if that's not enough just drop down to the album title, Happiness is Not an Option. Pretty gloomy shit if you ask me. I'd be pretty depressed if those tits were what I saw as well.
No Pleasure in Life's tape was released through a label I'm pretty familiar with and have made purchases from on a pretty regular basis lately, Primal Vomit Records. Definitely some good people to deal with, they come with my recommendation.

Happiness is Not an Option comes with two tracks of mournful, depressive black metal. The guitars fit the mood perfectly, allowing sorrow to emanate through to the listener. Harsh, high-pitched vocals reverberate for quite awhile which helps give them a sound of desperation and anguish. These two songs run just over 25 minutes and carry along that heavily oppressive atmosphere with them throughout the length of the tape. Somewhat the opposite of depression, the tracks stay pretty steady, galloping through tremolo riffs and steadily blasting drum-work with a few intermittent areas of slower riffs that evoke an even greater sense of sorrow.  

If I was about to take my final stroll into the woods, or last look over the edge of a gorge before jumping to a painfully rocky death that probably wouldn't be immediate, more so just laying at the base in crippling pain with a mass amount of broken bones and gouges, I'd bring this tape in my walkman and hope the batteries lasted until my eyes drained of vision. Enjoy.

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