Friday, March 2, 2012

Ødelegger / Hekate

Written by: Nick

Today's offering comes in the form of a 7" split (surprise) from German acts,  Ødelegger and Hekate. This particular split was released just a couple months ago (January 2012) through Deathstrike Records and crams the ugly spiked fist of black metal down our throats. The split itself is untitled and contains three songs from each band and one hell of an angry vibe throughout.

Up first is Ødelegger (destroys). He delivers some very raw and primitive black metal. Crates Full of Rats kicks off the record with a ferocious, static drenched scream that infiltrates the senses and demands your attention. It jams through quickly and ends before you can grasp for the branches and tug on its roots. Marks of the Tyrant King comes about with a more punk mentality, playing a simplistic drum beat and a groovier guitar riff that somewhat reminds me of Raspberry Bulbs.  Blutgott carries on as a bit of a mixture of the two previous tracks it seems. Quick and to the point before it ends on an abrupt note. 

Hekate starts off far less fierce than their split-partners. The aptly titled first track, Intro, is just that, an all instrumental opening of what's to come. Legion der Leichen, the second track, has some interesting guitar riffs going on. The instruments here are squealing and equally gritty and primitive but they're coated in a twisted voice. He screams out for Satan and does a fine job of conjuring his Lord of the pain and suffering. It may sound more twisted due to the change in language or, it could just be that he's actually really depraved. At any rate, this side of the split goes equally fast and has a very similar sound with the exception of the vocal sound and approach. 

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