Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wylve - Self Titled Demo

Written by: Nick

Here's the second of Fallen Empire Records Valentine's Day tape releases, Wylve's self titled demo. As with The Rain in Endless Fall, Wylve has a kick ass logo. Note - both BandCamps may seem like one track, but they're the full demo recorded as one solid chunk. 

The comparisons don't stop at the logo though. Wylve also has a harsh, despondent yet far more maniacal and belligerent tone. The drumming is a bit less pounding but equally as aggressive as The Rain in Endless Fall. The vocals are beastly and haunting like shoving Satan in a blender and trying to puree his face as he makes the most unhallowed noise trying to get out. You know he won't though...that blender is just too slippery. Poor guy. 

Wylve are unflinching, not letting up for a second of the just over nine minutes of the demo. Spell Cast of Re-Harnessing Spirit, the first track, ends it's annihilation and is followed by three hits, signaling the start of track two, Vestiges.The disappointment here is the length and being left with that empty pit in your stomach and ears that just screams for more. 

Fallen Empire Records

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