Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Rain in Endless Fall - Weald of Instrospection [Demo]

Written by: Nick

Coming up this Valentine's Day, Fallen Empire Records will be releasing a couple new tapes. One of these tapes will be the demo from The Rain in Endless Fall, the other, a demo by Wylve.  Break out those paypal accounts, short the woman/man on their fancy dinner and pick these two tapes up because they're both outstanding. 

The Rain in Endless Fall, not to be confused with the album by A Prayer for Cleansing (fuck that band), are a black entity of the darkness of shades. This demo is chalk full of layered, tortured screams, pummeling drum work and of course, lots of tremolo. Not to mention one of the most bad ass logos I've seen in awhile.

The four tracks here create a chaotic atmosphere of the finest in depressive qualities. Something to be noted, the demo was recorded as a 'slab' of music, so the breaks between the songs are semi-indiscernible but it keeps the demo stirring like the twisting bowels of a guilt riddled Hell. Static swarmed rainfall, acoustic passages, noisy discord, it's all here, inside this short lived demo and it's all done extremely well. The Rain in Endless Fall need a full-length...and they need it now.


  1. Really excited about these releases.
    It's hard to find this quality these days.

  2. Listening to it right now.. sounds good so far. This sounds the sort of thing that fits in the Gilead Media roster.


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