Friday, February 17, 2012

Hellige - Demo

Written by: Nick

Despicable. Absolutely despicable. Hellige seem to be a little known band, and admittedly, I had no idea who they were until yesterday. Luckily, they have their freshly released (2-9-12) demo up for free on their Bandcamp and a link to their Facebook as well, since the search tool on Facebook is terrible. 

Argentine act, Hellige, delve into the murky, shadowed depths of desperate doom, and the shrieking and fiendish aggression of black metal. This is truly underrated right now. The music is constantly evolving throughout each song, never stagnating on any one riff or sound for too long. Vocally, Hellige have a great ever-changing range that fits the evolution of the music very well. 

This tortured amalgamation of doom and black metal gets the embalming and cerebrospinal fluids moving. A slow, but constant, nod of the head, stomp of the foot and attempted vocal face-off are all inevitable and well deserved although these attempts are purely in vain. 

In May and June of last year, Hellige released two other albums, demos, EPs, whatever. Although I've not had a chance to check those particular ones out, I can, without a doubt, say that I will be checking those out sometime in the near future. Do yourselves a favor, hop on over to their Bandcamp and download the albums for free. They're well worth the hard-drive space. 


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