Monday, February 6, 2012

Thantifaxath - Demo 2011

Written by: Nick

I first heard of Thantifaxath quite awhile ago via my friend Mike, and now, under his label Media Tree Recordings he has released this demo properly to vinyl. He did a screen-printed version as well as a red version, they're both amazing. Originally this was released through Dark Descent on tape and I was lucky enough to pick it up while it was still available. Get the vinyl while you still can, it's in very limited quantities.

From the intro track I could tell this was going to be something unique and powerful. Swooning chants and seductive choral singing bring forth the feeling but fail to set the pace of this intense album. When Violently Expanding Nothing sets in, you can tell what you're in for, and it feels great. Every bloodthirsty riff expands on its predecessor and carries the weight of something immensely dark and disquieting. Their music truly is a connection to something otherworldly.

The songs are short but it works perfectly. Any longer and they'd probably lose some of that savage edge they portray so well. The remaining two tracks, Freedom is Depression, and The Madness into which All Things Flow, continue in the same vein as Violently Expanding Nothing. They never let down. Each track is unique in its own regard and they are entirely captivating. They create an atmosphere that isn't commonly found in the mounds of black metal developing nowadays. One that is far more distressed and haunting, immediate and forward.

Words cannot totally justify this demo. Thantifaxath are more than you can imagine within these four tracks without actually picking it up and listening to it yourself. So do yourself a favor, hop over to Media Tree Recordings and pick this up. You won't regret a single second of waiting, or listening.

Encyclopaedia Metalum
 Media Tree Recordings


  1. Just found a link on Youtube. Holy shit this is amazing. Ordering from Media Tree immediately. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Got this in the mail today. Incredible stuff. Excellent recommendation. Keep them coming.

  3. Glad you guys dig them. They'll be touring Europe with Æsahættr. If you haven't heard Æsahættr you definitely need to check that project out as well! I believe Halo of Flies may have some copies of the tape left.

  4. Dude, this is amazing. No wonder it got easily in my Best Of 2011 list.. can't wait for a full-length.


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