Sunday, February 5, 2012


I've been excited for this release since a buddy of mine recommended it so highly. I pre-ordered the vinyl, but got an unexpected surprise when the band and Cvlt Nation decided to stream it on their website as well as offered a free download of the album. I jumped all over it.

Rituals' self-titled debut is an extremely heavy affair. Doom and sorrow filled, it's exactly what you would want out of a debut album from a band such as this. 

The first track, Cognitive Dissonance kicks your ass right out of the gate. Brilliantly recorded, this is a heavy as hell doom affair. Rich with low screamed vocals, this one slays

Kubler-Ross Model is a sorrow filled, slow burner. Beautiful and haunting, it draws you in. About 4 mins in, the distortion kicks on, and takes it to a new level. Bordering on shoegaze, the tempo is kicked up. There is real pain in this track. The vocals sound so tortured. 

Induced Compliance Program is another slow dreary starter. Sad and desperate sounding, yet beautiful, it moves along in what feels like the soundtrack to a sorrowful dream. When this kicks in, it is so incredibly heavy. Again, there is some serious pain in this guy's voice. This track takes another turn and proceeds to just destroy. Amazing song. 

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy is no sorrowful affair this time. Just straight up dark and doomy. Slow and crusty, this track is just pummeling. I'm loving the guitar sounds on this record. So full and brutal, some of the best I've heard in awhile. 

It Was All Very Sudden closes out the record. Opening with another beautifully tortured sounding riff, slow and delicate, it takes it time building. And.....a punch to the head. These guys certainly know how to beat you up when they take things up a notch. Add a great descending high guitar riff and I'm sold. 

Do yourself a favor and go here to stream/download this record immediately. You have no excuse. It's there for your immediate consumption. Then once you're done with that, go to Alerta Antifascista and pick this up on vinyl before it gets sucked up into the out of print oblivion. 100 copies on glow in the dark vinyl, 900 on black. Get on it quick!

Written by Todd

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