Friday, February 10, 2012

Obolus - Lament

Written by: Nick

Just the other day, Flenser released a few albums for free download. One of the top releases that piqued my curiosity was the release of five new tracks by Obolus. I recently did a review on their two track demo, Here, so I was infinitely curious to hear what their latest offering, Lament, had to give us.

Obolus carry on the same sound on Lament as they did on the demo. Harsh, depressing atmospheres envisioned through swollen, ferocious riffs. The difference here, Obolus dole out an interlude with the second track, Reflection. They've also incorporated a bit of keys to add to the atmosphere that helps to elevate them to a level apart from their comparative acts. Lament's tracks are still short for being 'atmospheric,' and that's still a good thing. Fourth track, Grievance, finds an even more somber quality to the riffs, slowing down towards the end of track and fulfilling our unhallowed desires. Grievance is followed by the title track, Lament. This track is another interlude and an excellent closing track for this album.

After researching the band name and discovering I already knew what an obol(us) was, I just didn't know the name of it, I began drifting off in my second listen of Lament and imaging a situation. It's a combination of a drugged-out movie, maybe Enter the Void, or Requiem for a Dream, and the ceremonial aspects of the obolus. Your loved ones place you onto a raft in a river. They then place the obolus over your eyes, say their goodbyes and shove you off into your final journey. You drift down narrow streams under shrouded skies until you reach an arched entry way.

Upon approaching the archway a suction forms and sucks your lifeless body and raft in quickly. This is your final hurrah. You go through a series of rapid-fire tunnels with these unsettling sounds berating your lifeless ears and belligerent lights fluttering and flashing stimulating all your senses. It beats you in from every angle assimilating to your core. You soon begin to twitch, and move. The cacophony of sounds have put life back into your deceased shell. You sit up. The oboluses fall from your eyes and reveal a vast expanse of emptiness. You continue to sit upright as you drift through the now calm waters. The air is impenetrable but you're overcome by relief as you drift off unsure of where you're headed but knowing that this will be boundlessly better than your previous existence.

That's the short version of my thought, I don't feel like bogging down the review with a lengthy story. Use your imagination and see how it develops.

Merz Tapes is re-releasing their demo which is up for pre-sale now, Here. Flenser is handling a vinyl release of Lament which will be available "soon" according to a write up for the album, Here.

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