Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Swallowed - Self Titled EP

Written by: Nick

Finnish doom/death/x-genre amalgamation, Swallowed, released their self-titled EP awhile back via Emptiness Productions. It reached some particular heights for some people, and claimed a review spot on Cvlt Nation with its heavily pummeling riffs and downright uncomfortable sound.

In three tracks (and only 13 minutes) Swallowed manage to put you on ice. Dirty, filth ridden, bubonic plague carrying ice. Their execution is just that, an execution of your senses. This is the slowest 'blitzkrieg' I could possibly imagine (at this time). Black Phlegm is a real stand out for me, personally, with its sinister landscape and unsettled vocals. Throughout the album the drums are beat with such ferocity that I can imagine seeing pieces fall off, fly in the air, or the kit collapse entirely under the force. 

The vocalist seems "at-home" in his insanity driven approach. His bile drenched throat is a huge compliment to this cacophony of tormented noise. The overall fuzziness is about as comforting as the image from the cover art, or hell, even their logo. 

Drop by Emptiness Productions and pick this up before it sells out again. It's definitely worth your time and your money. Swallowed are becoming a force to be reckoned with, as cliche as that may sound. They will consume you.

Emptiness Productions
Available here

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