Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Axis of Light - By the Hands of the Consuming Fire

Written by: Nick

You know that feeling of getting the shit slapped out of you by someone that's so pissed off that they're glowing red and smoking from the ears? Sadly, I do, but it's not always a bad thing. Axis of Light come out of the gates of Hell with an unmatched ferocity. They're a group of skeletons, riding on the back of flame-engulfed mares and they're about to rape, pillage and burn the fuck out of everything you know and love. 
From the first track, I, (fitting title) Axis of Light's intensity is evident. Blistering riffs, consuming noise, violent, painful vocals and the grit and grime of rawness are all here. I picked this tape up just recently via Fallen Empire Records after hearing a lot of hubbub over the tape from some people I know. I grabbed it on my way out the door for work yesterday morning, threw it in the tape deck, put the car in reverse and jumped out of my skin when it kicked in. I thought I had ran over someone and they were screaming for their life...while playing some wicked black metal.

Although that's a bunch of nonsense, these gents from Manchester are not, nor is this album. It was released via Mordgrimm records and imported here via Fallen Empire Records (and probably some other places I don't know of). It knows no boundaries of vehemence and surely will not let you down. So, hop over to  Mordgrimm and pick yourself up a copy, or if you want to risk it selling out; wait around for the Fallen Empire restock and grab it from them. This is seriously fucking intense.

Available in the UK from Mordgrimm
Available in the US from Fallen Empire Records (sold out, but will restock soon)
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