Monday, February 20, 2012

Ephemer - Guerre et Glorie

Written by: Nick

Welcome back to Quebecois Black Metal! Ephemer hail from Canada and feature members from Forteresse, and Csejthe and were co-released by Spectre Sinistre Records and Les Productions Hérétiques. That's all you need to know to know it's good, really. It could be the music, or it could be the lack of heat in my apartment but something feels frigid. 
Ephemer dispense a heavy tonal atmosphere while giving their sound a unique quality with the vocals. It's almost like scream singing or something along those lines. The tone and approach of Moribond's voice is unique to black metal and genuinely appreciated despite my love of shrill, disharmonious Satan slurrings.

Guerre et Gloire starts off with an epic instrument via the track Aube Héroïque (in YouTube player below). From there, Ephemer lunge into some outstanding riffery and chilling chant-singing vocals. Mix in some scream-yells, some simple yet nod-inducing drumming, and the previously mentioned atmosphere and you have yourself one hell of a demo debut. 

Stop by Spectre Sinistre Records or Les Productions Hérétiques and pick yourself up a copy of this tape while it's still around!

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