Thursday, February 23, 2012

Panphage - Nordlandets Dödsande

 Written by: Nick

If you haven't noticed, I'm on a way bigger black metal kick than doom or sludge. Apologies to the doom-heads and sludge-mongers out there, send me something new and maybe I'll review it. Today we have Nordlandets Dödsande by Panphage. You may remember, assuming you read the interview with Monarque/ Les Productions Hérétiques (which is where I picked the tape up from), Monarque had mentioned a band he was really into at the time, that band being, Panphage.

He hails from Sweden and ride their own unique wave. The folks at Ætergap Productions really landed a gem with the addition of Panphage to their roster. Some of the riffs aren't as typically black metal as you'd think, but at the same time, they are, and god damn do they ever kick ass. The vocals are demanding, a calling to the blackest of hordes as the guitars work triumphantly and the drums conjure the sound of horses stampeding you. Yes, this is my second horse-back minions reference in two days, repetitive but worth it considering the feeling of riding into an endless war.

The 'unusual' additions to Nordlandets Dödsande really bring it to life and make for a more enjoyable listen assuming you're not an anhedonist. I cannot aptly describe those additions at the moment so I recommend you just pick the tape up yourself or check out some of the YouTube videos floating around (one below) 

This is definitely up there in my frequently played category and it should make its way to yours as well. Drop by Ætergap Productions and pick up a copy of this and scour the web for the other releases Panphage has out there like I've been doing. 

May still be available through Les Productions Hérétiques

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