Friday, February 24, 2012

Blut - Ritual and Ceremony

Written by: Nick

Another one of my recent, random purchases from Analog Worship was this tape, Ritual and Ceremony by Blut. It's from 2010 and they have since released more material but, I don't have that material so we're going with this. They apparently spew their brand of hate out from the UK. Having been engrossed in BBC lately, it was coincidental that this satisfied my particular mood.
Blut deliver some lo-fi droning doom on this tape. The riffs linger and and consume. They swarm you and drag you through the squalid caverns and basements of your darkest dreams. The sparse vocals leave the instrumentation to build you up and then startle you awake with a shrill tone. The behemoth riffs are interrupted by long, droning passages lurking throughout noisy, impenetrable walls.

Ritual and Ceremony has thoroughly impressed me. It's not your typical drone album, or doom album, or droning doom album. Blut have created their own beast to worship. It's ugly as fuck, malevolent, and malignant. It slowly contorts and rears its grotesque head and it pleases me greatly.

Apologies for the lack of an embedded player or video but I couldn't find any. Their MySpace is listed below, go check that out.

Blut Blog
Blut Myspace
War Command Distro

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  1. Blut are awesome. I've posted them a long time ago. Amazing release. Reminds me the sort of beasts out of Woodsmoke (Elu Of the Nine and others).


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