Monday, February 27, 2012

Monarque / Evil Wrath - Split 7"

Written by: Nick

Had the day off yesterday thanks to Todd doing his Woods of Desolation review which was awesome. So, for my day back I grabbed the first 7" I had sitting around which ended up being this split between Monarque  and Evil Wrath. Let me say, as I'm sure some of you know, how funny things sound when you forget to change the speed on your turntable.
Side A is Evil Wrath from Quebec, so yeah, the title and mentioning should be in the other order but whatever. At first the vocalist sounded like a Satanic squirrel hunting rapidly for an acorn. After I got my laughs out about the helium vocals, I adjusted the speed and got down to listening.

It starts off with some wailing from side to side, perhaps a Banshee but probably not. Then the track kicks in with a punkish riff and some evil vocals. The vocals become layered for a moment before the faster but still rather mid-paced riff kicks in. It makes me want to go to a punk show wearing 3 foot spiked armbands, spiked shin guards, corpsepaint and a metal spiked mohawk. I'd probably start thrashing about wildly penetrating the weakened flesh of the lesser evil and shower in their blood while the fancier guitar part carried on. The track, Legion Anti-Humaine, is really quite catchy. 

On Side B we have Monarque. A bell rings solemnly before some vocal samples kick in. After a bit of that, the really good shit kicks in. Riffs speed through the forefront of the track while the vocals play their pivotal role somewhat masked in the background. Vermines (sur la terre, comme au ciel) delivers the haunting atmosphere I've come to expect and really appreciate from Monarque. I don't know why I always picture walking to the albums I review but this one has me lumbering through a frozen tundra with no end in sight. The bitter cold and rampant hate are what keep me going.

This was a split release by bands, and labels, coming from Darker Than Black Records and Merchant of Death. Go on a hunt and pick this up. Well worth the minuscule amount you'll spend on it and a definite bonus to any collection.

Evil Wrath

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