Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Instinct / Myrrdin - Split 7"

Written by: Nick

Here's another 7" for your ears, or eyes since I don't have tracks for you to listen to this time. This one comes from two, one-man projects from the U.K. Chamber Dark / Pagan Bloody Altar comes to us from the ever-evil, Legion Blotan. It comes encased between some black and white, ritualistic artwork that is mildly disturbing (more intriguing than anything) compliments of Milovan Novakovic
Instinct kicks off side A with his track, Chamber Dark. It resonates a thick atmosphere that sits quite well during this massive storm that I probably shouldn't be on a computer during but I said a review a day and I'm sticking to it. Instinct isn't elaborate, or fast but rather has a simple, yet compelling sound. Mid-paced riffs create a spectre in the air, watching over you, waiting for the right time to send ice through your spine.

Myrrdin on the other hand throws us right into the fiery pits of Hell from the get-go with his track, Pagan Bloody Altar.  The drums are blasting, the riffs are sharp and rapid. Vocally, Myrrdin seems to be possessed by something. Maybe tens of thousands of tortured Pagan ancestors souls are spewing from his larynx and vocal folds in a wretched plea for departure. Perhaps he just owns one of those uniquely disturbing voices and Pagan spewing was a ploy to make things more interesting, you can be the judge.

At any rate, my own Dark Chamber awaits. Try to find this from your favorite distro, or scour the eight million distros out there and find it. Or Hell, just stop by Legion Blotan and pick it up from them. It's only a few bucks and I'm sure you'll find plenty of other good releases in their mix to add to the deal to make that shipping cost worth while.

Legion Blotan

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