Sunday, February 26, 2012

Woods of Desolation-Torn Beyond Reason

A band mate of mine turned me onto this band a few months ago. I'm so glad he did. This is exactly the type of Black Metal that really peaks my interest. Woods of Desolation's newest release, Torn Beyond Reason (which has actually been out for a year now)   is astoundingly beautiful. 

The title track "Torn Beyond Reason" is absolutely gorgeous, yet extremely intense. Right out of the gate, you are thrown into an amazingly powerful ethereal world, a beauty to behold, but somehow, kicking and screaming. This really sets the tone for the album. 

The second track "Darker Days" has a nice contrast with sung and screamed vocals. The sung vocals are mixed low in the mix, and it totally works. Another sublimely beautiful track. These guys remind me of the magnificence of Alcest mixed with the intensity of Wolves in the Throne Room. A combination that absolutely delivers. 

"An Unbroken Moment" again pummels you right off the bat into an absolutely beautiful chord progression. Sounds of a distant choir  filter in. The production on this record is incredible. Black Metal perfection. 

"The Inevitable End" slows things down a bit, which is not a bad thing. Still very intense and again, without fail, sublime chord progressions. Everything works perfectly, right down to the moment when double bass kicks in. Beautifully executed track.  

"November" starts off very unexpectedly with an acoustic guitar. But quickly picks up into a nice heavy interlude. Solid track. 

"Somehow..." closes out the record. More sung vocals on this track, but they are haunting and fantastic. This track is another one of a slower tempo, and as usual, beautiful. Screamed vocals take over again. The track then takes an interesting turn towards the end. An unexpected pause, and then onto a very intense ending. Again, more choir like vocals takes this track to conclusion, nicely mixed under the intense screamed vocals. 

I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this album. This is a fantastic listen and a must have for fans who are into the more beautiful style of Black Metal. 

Order at Ruin Productions before they're all gone. 

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