Saturday, February 4, 2012

Insidious Omen - To Cast the Last Shadow

Written by: Nick

This isn't new, however, it is excellent. Emerging from the vastness of Canada along with many other amazing acts (Thantifaxath, Monarque, Ensorcelor, etc), Insidious Omen bring to the blood-soaked altar something truly tortured, dark and worthy of a few words.

Released by Tour De Garde, To Cast the Last Shadow, is a vile four-track slab of sickening vocals reminiscent of the helpless screams and cracked throats of the hapless victims of a nuclear explosion. Gas-masked instrumentalists play fully adorned in Haz-Mat suits as the dripping sinew of these organic wastes stagger about devoid of any chance of survival. They shriek, vomit, and lunge for anything to stop the insanity of seeing their own flesh boil, burst, and disintegrate from their bones. There is no hope, from the moment the music started, there never was.

But enough about the vocals, Insidious Omen delve into something catchy and enticing here. They've been compared to Judas Iscariot and early Deathspell Omega but that's something that should be decided upon by the listener themselves, not some guy with a computer and an opinion. These four tracks, one being an intro, pique the curious chords of the mind while the low-fi recording pleases the soon-to-be-deaf ears. The repetitive riffs fail to get old and only suck the listener in further to the oppressive depths of their sound.

Even though this was released in 2008 from the looks of it, and they've since released another EP, Anointed with the Blood of Chaos (which fell to unfavorable reviews), this needed a place here. 

Tour De Garde
Analog Worship
Encyclopaedia Metallum

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