Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cara Neir - Stagnant Perceptions

Image of Stagnant Perceptions
written by Mark R. Upson

Somewhere, in the dead of night and dark of basement, there is a scene police detective, hard at work, calling bullshit on anything he/she perceives to be hipster bullshit. Right now, he/she has preemptively called in enforcement's from the anti-cascadian task force and the FTT (Far To Technical) tactical division. They are plotting to take Cara Neir down where they stand, as terrorists to the norm. But they have underestimated Cara Neir's position within the Matrix and failed to send corpsepainted agents. Cara Neir have already penetrated the system. They will find you if you don't find them. Its the music that drives them. It is the music that brought them here.

Lame Matrix comparisons aside, Stagnant Perceptions a fantastic album. It's filled with more interesting twists and turns than most any album I've heard in awhile. It never becomes overbearing or technical. And it has songs. Which, seems to be something many black metal bands have completely forgotten about. Guitars that can climb the walls like a nimble spider and then power down them again, with immaculate precision. And no, it sounds nothing like Liturgy. 

Comparisons abound from Krallice to Peste Noire, and Bosse De Nage to Panopticon, but ultimately fall flat.  Cara Neir  is a singular entity with a rapidly emerging identity. Their sound possesses a clear face.

The band is currently without a label home, so the first thing I would recommend is that some worthy label (seems logical for a label akin to Flenser) pick this band up, and release this excellent slab on vinyl. For now its available here as a limited/70 CD. You can also do the pay what you want thing on their bandcamp page. Just buy it, and show the system that quality music still sells. And remember, you are being watched, so watch your back. 

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