Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sun Worship - Self Titled

German Black Metal act, Sun Worship, sent us the two tracks off of their self titled demo (released September 2011) awhile back and I'm just now getting a chance to review it.

Initial thoughts, Krallice. However, do you find Krallice to be a bit too lengthy, the vocals not really up your alley? I do, and luckily Sun Worship don't follow that code. Their vocals are quite different, more intense and agonizing. Their songs are shorter, not as drawn out and well...agonizing to listen to. Don't get me wrong, Krallice has some immensely talented individuals but as a whole, they're not really my thing.

Sun Worship, despite having a plain Bandcamp, are anything but plain. They share the tone but the intensity is more punishing and more attractive. Their two tracks, Phantom Canyon, and Photon emanate a brighter sound than most of the black metal I've reviewed but it doesn't lack any of the aggression. This three-piece are carving out and fulfilling their niche and deciphering their email, I'd say they'll have some new material soon.

Drop by their Bandcamp and give Photon a listen, keep your eyes and ears open for more from these guys.


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