Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eucharist - Tenebrous Summoning

 Written by: Nick

I recently purchased this tape through Analog Worship with a handful of others and immediately felt I needed to review it. This highly DIY effort, including printer paper J-Card comes from an Australian group and was released via Adverse Order Music. I don't know anything other than that on the band as far as location, personnel, etc, but I do know that this lo-fi gem is truly worthy of the $5 you'll spend to get it.

It may be rough and ragged but that's where the power lies. Eucharist swarm your ears with murky black metal, reverberating vocals. They take that hollow feeling in your stomach and make it rattle through your ears. They slow things down, pick the pace up, and then slow it down again. 

This is the definition of raw and dirty. No cleanliness will be heard throughout the length of this tape and no ear will be cleanable ever again. The vocals are deep, yet set back in the mix making it more chilling and "beastial" as it's noted on Analog Worship's description. Tenebrous Summoning is chalk full of riffs that continually change the pace of the tracks it holds and they all stay strong throughout.

Hop on over to Adverse Order Music or Analog Worship and pick up a copy.

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