Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dirt Lynch - Long Over Due [Demo 2011]

Written by: Nick

Filthy as fuck, low-fi as hell, DIY like no tomorrow, angry as a sex deprived teenager, violent as the murder of Elizabeth Short, and as ugly as that fat chick you try to keep under wraps. Dirt Lynch is fucking disgusting and like swine to slop, I'm basking in it.

These unkempt bastards combine a barrage of sludge, noise and grind sure to leave a crusty mess in your underwear from both sides. Everything about this demo is harsh, chaotic and unflinching. The feedback is constantly churning through the murky depths of some wretched noise that's unsettling and callous. Nathan's vocals are tortured and vile - emanating anguish and disgust, contempt and malice.

The tracks range between three and ten minutes and each one brings something different than the last. Dis, the third and shortest song is slow and sludgy before breaking into bedlam. It's a cacophonous thunder of blistering ear abuse and perfect lead-in to the closing track, Devil. Devil is the longest track and last on the demo is the perfect place for this bottom dweller. Sucking up the muck and developing algae in its lumbered climb to fruition, Devil is the stand-out for myself.

Dirt Lynch have something "sui generis" (unique, learned that term today, used it). It won't be for everyone, and it's certainly not for those with weak ears or a weak stomach. Buckle up.


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