Monday, January 30, 2012

War Iron - The Faceless Sea

War Iron, from Belfast, Northern Ireland released their album, The Faceless Sea, back in 2010 but it has found it's way to a proper housing on vinyl via local (to them) label Punkerama Records here, now, in 2012.
The sea is the theme here, from a squid behemoth lurking through the album art toward monolithic figures reminiscent to that of Easter Island, to sound clips in the first track, Inch cape, of the ocean and some harbor-like bells.  Even the newly pressed vinyl version is on an "ocean blue" color. Speaking of Inch cape, have you ever wondered what Weedeater would sound like if they took to the ocean? Probably a bit like these guys. They ride the stoned tide with dual bass players rather than bother with the inadequate tonal qualities of one of those regular "guitars," hammering out beast after beast of vortex inducing riffs. These guys are not likely to have many attendants at a concert in a boat, in the middle of the sea, for fear of their oceanic riffs causing tidal waves that would engulf their adherents. Some people are truly dedicated though...I'll watch from a distance, perhaps from the shoulders of Cthulhu.

Face the Sea, a play on the title of the album itself (perhaps vice versa), is the second, and beefiest track of the album roaming in at just under twenty-one minutes. Slower, more drawn out, droney and turbulent, War Iron part the seas and kill Moses with his phallus shaped staff. It may not have been the Red Sea before, but it certainly will be after. The vocals emanate through whiskey soaked (whiskey is an assumption, I don't know what they actually drink or if they even drink at all), and torn vocal chords in a nice medium tone, nothing so high pitched it smells of black metal squalor, and nothing low enough to be thrown to the gore hound wolves of death metal. 
All in all, War Iron deliver something you can write home about, and something I'm sure will sound far better on the vinyl release than it does the digital files I'm working with. Check out the fancy record layout below, follow some links next to the fancy picture, and pick this album up. Total support for Ireland!

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