Monday, January 23, 2012

Vesicus - Magi: Within the Sigil of Kia

Image of Vesicus - "Magi: Within The Sigil Of Kia"

I'm gonna keep this review short and sweet. My ears are bleeding, and I think I should seek out medical assistance. The tone on this album is like powdered glass shards ripping through your ear canal. Vesicus is not fun, and it is god-damn brutal. The Black noise description could not be more appropriate. Think more on the noise. While this album is plenty dark, it was apparently mastered by some, truly sick horror-doctor. Maybe its the guy from Human Centipede. All I know is he is sick and depraved, and has succeeded in destroying my precious hearing ability. 

For all the masochists out there, you can pick up this gem from Graceless Recordings. While you're there, pick up some of their other stuff. Consistently excellent.  

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