Monday, January 16, 2012

Nuklearenpest - Monuments [demo]

Nuklearenpest, the Anti-Zionist black metal act from New Jersey that has quickly become an obsession of mine is back with some more material. You may remember them from my interview with them, or perhaps from countless mentions throughout various reviews. At any rate, they've released yet another demo, this one is entitled Monuments

Monuments is five tracks of the  Nuklearenpest brand of black metal (ohhh nothing to compare it to, means you have to check it out). The difference between their recent splits with Mortum (review of their latest material linked to the name), Thestral and Wulfgravf  and this tape is the clarity/quality.

Monuments is significantly more low-fi than those aforementioned splits. It has this unique characteristic to it that makes it more real, almost alive, and in your home which can probably be attributed to being recorded "live." I feel like I could turn around at any moment and see the guys shredding, shrieking, and pummeling a kit right behind me.

Another difference is the fifth track is an ambiance landscape which, if I can recall correctly (if you know me, you know my memory is horrid), is something new for the Nukpest camp. They've also included some sound-clips from a news segment that gives an indication to what they're opposed to (find out more on their Anti-Zionist stance via this interview).

It's not a "perfect" recording and I wouldn't ever want it to be. The levels are fluctuating and the drums sound how they should, like there's an actual human (despite how disgusting we humans are) is behind the kit. The voice is vocal chord rape at its finest, impure and hostile. If you like your black metal raw and dirty, then you need to become familiar with these guys. If not, then proceed onward to your cleanliness and leave us to wallow in our beloved squalor.

Horizon Productions
Fallen Empire Records

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