Friday, January 20, 2012

Demonic Death Judge - The Descent

DDJ is back with their follow up to the psychedelic mind-fuckery that was Kneel. These Finnish psych-sludge/doom titans know their way around their preferred instruments and effects and showcase their knowledge well in eight tracks clocking in at just under an hour on The Descent.

The beast of the album and title track clocks in at over fourteen minutes long and doesn't let the listener down for even a second. Everything is well-planned, well-placed, and fundamental to the overall sound. From the repetitive riffs keeping the groove alive to the layered vocals and break away sections, it all works. Not only on this track, but on every track.

Churchburner is a great predecessor to the aforementioned track, if only by name and lyrical choice alone. It strikes a particular chord with myself and puts a smile on my face.

"Fear not my son - god is no more
See the burning cross
Our holy land - cleansed by fire
See them burn alive
Let it burn
As we watch the sun come up
Only ashes remain
As we watch the sun go down
The bonfires burn again" 

And following the title track is the aptly titled Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, a nice little interlude albeit a bit on the short side for a smoke session jam.

As I said previously in my review of the three-way Finnish split, By the Malice of Evil...Death Comes Volume One, if you aren't high, Demonic Death Judge can help. Their psyched out approach to sludge is truly something to sit dry-mouth agape and red-eyed-wide to while getting lost in the slow riffs and stoner fret-work as the effects churn your deteriorating mind full circle. So, wipe that frothy cotton from the sides of your mouth, close those eyes, sway around a bit, and headbang so those unkempt beards get swinging with the rhythm, this shit's sticky.

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