Friday, January 20, 2012

Misery - Miseria Aeternia

Misery are a French blackened funeral drone act. For some reason, this album, Miseria Aeternia instantly reminds me of Jack the Ripper. Y'know, legendary prostitute disfiguring guy from Whitechapel before Whitechapel stole and pissed on the name. Confused? You should be.

I can imagine myself as the ripper, decked out in a multi-piece suit with a cane, pocket watch and bowler hat, prowling through the streets of London looking for ripe whores I can entice with a few coins long enough to disembowel them in some shadowed street corner.

Misery's Miseria Aeternia is dark, brooding, sorrowful atmospheres akin to, but still distant from, Mhönos as well as the aforementioned shadowed street corner. From simple, chilling drum-work, and ominous keyboards to the grim vocals and minimal riffing, Misery are indeed miserable. 

This is definitely "right kind of mood" type of music. If you're tired and want something morbid to carry you off to your favorite night terrors, it works. If you're trying to keep yourself busy or motivated, try somewhere else. It's a good soundtrack to have playing while you're out killing dragons or carrying a casket but not so much if you're, let's say, writing a children's book, or going to visit your grandma. Unless, of course, your grandma is dying and you want to send her off quicker. 

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