Thursday, January 12, 2012

Circle of Eyes - Self Titled

Do you like to be tortured? In a good way?

Do you like undertones of black metal? Perhaps ambiance, or drone?

Do you like eyes, or ever wonder what a Circle of Eyes may look like?

Have you ever woke up from a tumble down a flight of stairs in a dank cellar stuffed with necrotic corpses and a suspended chandelier that was continually breaking only to find  halo of ever-gazing eyes like a Beholder from D&D (yeah, suck on that reference) floating above your pasty, balding, blood-covered head?

If you said yes to any of these things then check out: Circle of Eyes!

Two tracks in 34 minutes. Penumbra (Awoken) ((anyone play that game?)) and Woe Betide the Worms: (Dirge for Eternity); To Wander (Sacred Time) are agonizing, torturing, malevolent drone. The atmosphere they produce is one of sheer horror. Imagine a soundtrack to reading the Necronomicon, albeit you'd only get about ten pages in out of that massive tome it's still a fitting soundtrack.

The chills run throughout your spine every second of this landscape. The shrill, excruciating voice only helps in unsettling every last nerve in your body allowing the pain to become real. Feel the doom and despair.

This is still, very limited, available through  The Flenser via tape, and will soon be released in a pretty outstanding vinyl package from  Anti-Matter Records!

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Tape through: The Flenser (very limited quantities)
Vinyl through: Anti-Matter Records (soon)

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