Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lycus - MMXI

Demo MMXI (Remastered) Cover Art

The end is nigh. All signs point towards the demise of the human race. Not in ten years. Now. Its 2012 and it is ripe. Doom and black metal, not unlike politicians and religious demagogues, have seen a huge surge from the events unfolding before our very eyes. We are leeches. We destroy and consume. We need a soundtrack for where it all ends. Lycus has arrived. The doom has cometh.

Lycus come low and slow. Vocals evoke the chants of priests to their ancient, monolithic Gods. Calling out to the Cthulhu to come up from the depths. Venomous voices harkening our demise. There is actual chanting as well. Sometimes even devolving into a lightning quick black metal rasp. Everything services the darkness.

The guitars of Lycus are rythmic rises and falls. Distortion and harmony give way to one another. Slow leads build and collapse back to a molten sea. They give the songs a sense of mourning. They feel ancient yet modern. Riffs to burn and consume. Slowly. The drums lie low in the background, offering cymbal flourishes and small embellishment. The Bass provides the subterranean bottom end and also utilizes rhythm to work for the songs.

MMXI is an album in the truest sense. Three songs that form a whole. It feels like Stonehenge. Its the unceremonious end of the Mayans. It is our album, as a race. As we chase death, we are forced to mourn our own existence and the consequences of our being. War, famine, disease. Demise. Bear witness.

The cassette version has sold out through Graceless Recordings, but you can now pick up the vinyl from the excellent Flenser. Go get it now.

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