Thursday, January 12, 2012

Obolus Demo 2011

Why...the short? Two songs...not nearly long enough.

Obolus are, Obolus. They deliver two tracks in that harshly blackened atmosphere vein akin to Ash Borer in a third of the time. Despair and Selfless, the two tracks off their 2011 demo are a combined total of a mere 7:31. 

It is nice to see that a band can break down that atmospheric sound into such unusually short songs while losing absolutely none of the relentlessness. Rather than taking five minutes to build-up to their goal, they say fuck the build-up and mainline their sound straight to your auditory system. 

I don't know anything about these guys as far as location or any of that gibberish, but it doesn't matter. What I do know is that they're here...writhing throughout my ear canals, nestling in, dining on wax and hair and dead skin, and they're more than welcome to stay.

All you need to know is that it's really good, and there needs to be more of this. 



  1. We definitely need more of this...

    1. I agree, and to add this to our physical collections.

  2. This cassette is currently in post-production and should be available for pre-order during the first week of February. Check for more information.

    Thanks for reviewing this, Nick!

  3. Hell yes! Can't wait for that, I'll definitely be picking up a copy. Thanks for the info.


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