Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Burial Hex--In Psychic Defense

I truly never know what to expect with each Burial Hex release, but I'm always excited to hear about anything new. So when this release popped up, seemingly out of nowhere, I was pleased to say the least. Clay Ruby is consistently changing up his sound. After last years absolutely mind blowing release, "Book of Delusions", I've been craving any new sounds from this project.

"In Psychic Defense" certainly does not disappoint. A tad more subdued than the last release, but definitely overflowing with creativity. This release is one long 20 minute or so track. If you pick up the vinyl release, the track is on one side of the LP, while the flip side is simply blank. The track starts off rather unexpectedly. A very simple electronic beat permeates the background. The first half of the track is filled with an almost Joy Division like quality. Lyrics like "A world without end" keep you honed in on this beautifully simple section. 

The track morphs into a subdued piano section. Very ambient and subtle, it sets up what is to come. 

The sound of a deep bass hit flows in, then things start to get weird. Extremely low and effected vocals start up, along with some very bizarre ambience. Generally, if I'm not uncomfortable listening to Burial Hex, I'm a bit disappointed ("Book of Delusions" straight up frightened me at times, which is really hard to do). This particular section of the track fulfills that nicely. 

The track flows into more quiet territory, whispered vocals and strange sounds flow out of the speakers. A bass guitar comes into the mix, and then more bass. I love this section of the track as it's so unexpected. All of a sudden, a dance beat! Layered bass and guitar over an amazing beat. Whispered vocals tie all of it together. This track is truly an experience. I've read that this may be the last Burial Hex release. While truly disappointing if this is true, this is certainly a brilliant way to go out. Do yourself a serious favor and pick this up. I know this will be spun on a very regular basis on my turntable. 

300 copies were pressed of this one, with silk screened covers, so get it from Sound of Cobra Records while you can here.

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