Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Otesanek/Loss/Orthadox/Mournful Congregation - Four Burials

Image of Fo(u)r Burials -Features Otesanek, Loss, Orthodox & Mournful Congregation

Dante's Inferno offered us a tour through Hell and all its horrifying wonders. The torturing, the whipping, the burning, ect. Its all very brutal and repetitive. Satan seems to like that kind of thing. This also adequately describes Four Burials. Its bludgeoning, melancholic, dirging, violent and repetitive, as funeral doom goes. This is by no means a bad thing.

Upon first listen, my first thought is the sequencing seems a little odd. The sample opening the Loss track gives a somewhat ominous tone. It would have been a much better opening track. In a way, it does make sense, as these four tracks are very different entities. Four separate burials.

Otesanek start things off with a creaking, groaning, hellish basement-burial.Three different vocal styles emerge and overlap like a seance gone horribly wrong. Blasphemous blackened and distorted sludge writhes and slithers through the backdrop. Hell truly is, just the beginning.

Up next the aforementioned sample comes into play, as Loss begin preparation of their magnificent mindfuckery. Melodic guitars lull senses as they lower your corpse. Giving way to Eyehategod styled rhythms.  Vocals from the depths emerge to remind all of consequence and fate.

Exit to  the outdoor burial. Orthodox is sitting while the crickets chirp. They begin the black hole chanting against a miinimalist background of understated guitars.The menace, woe and hopelessness permeate until it ends.

Mournful Congregation ends the ceremonies. Deep Echoing howls in a forgotten cave. They threaten to wake something that has long slumbered. The guitars distort, but otherwise provide little distraction. Hell is acceptance, but the pain wont go. I don't want it to go.

All in all, Its a great sludge/doom/black what-have-you album that should be picked up! The incomprehensibly awesome Flenser record put this beast out. Check it out  here.

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