Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nachzehrer - Pestilence Hungers in the Shadows

Nachzehrer, a pretty confusing mythical creature that's somewhat a vampire and somewhat a zombie but not really either...more of an undead that feeds on the dead....I don't that first link and go read the Wikipedia.

On the 'flip-side,' Nachzehrer are a black metal band hailing from Boston, Massachusetts (USA). They combine some excitingly hostile black metal with a turbulent thrashers mark. Again, they're straying from the commonly seen "overkill" in lengthy songs sticking to an average five minutes.

Is that blood on the ceiling?
Nachzehrer play extremely fast, not like this guy fast, but fast. The vocals are frightening, imagine an actual undead feeder ravenously searching the fields behind your quaint little home, growling and prowling, haunting and hunting like mutant carrion birds. Once they find a suitable meal they devour everything they can from the bones, snapping ligaments and flesh and gargling the sinew in their spiked apertures. That particular scenario would make the album title, Pestilence Hungers in the Shadows all the more worthy.

Dare I say, these guys are what Goatwhore should have been had they not signed to We Sign Anything Blade Records. Not that I don't like Goatwhore but come on, take the polish out of your music and use it on your spiked armbands or your fancy boots.

Nachzehrer had previously released a demo entitled Black Thrash Ritual (fitting) in 2010 via Reaper's Grave whom I can't find anything on, at least not quickly. PHitS was split released via Demon's Gate Records and Tombs in the Valley Productions. It's looking to be either sold out or very close to being sold out which sucks but hopefully it'll get picked up and re-released or pressed onto some virgin-blood stained wax with bits of ground up crucifixes and chewed-up corpses in for texture on the D-side.

Reverb Nation
Tombs in the Valley Productions
Demon's Gate Records

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