Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ziel Bevrijd - Self Titled Tape

Having recently purchased a heap of items from Fallen Empire Records after his return from Messe des Morts, I've been overwhelmed with the magnitude of items I have to listen to. In preparation for our "Year End Lists" I figured I'd go through that mound of delectable black metal tapes and pull out any that were released in 2011 to see if they would make the grade to be accepted into The Slugs first round of "Year Ends." (ZB video at bottom)

One of the first ones I discovered was Ziel Bevrijd, which was also one of the first ones I listened to upon receiving possibly one of the best packages of the year. Something about the ocean has always fascinated me even though I'll be the first to admit it freaks me the fuck out. I hate the ocean but become easily entranced by its mystery. The cover of this self titled tape of course has the bad ass logo that you see above, but it also has a ship that appears to be taking on a rocky path, possibly visiting Captain Haggatha in his sea-grave (or slavery, depending what Cthulhu had in mind for him). Because of this, this tape instantly intrigued me.

Upon further investigation (ie. translating the J-card info via Google Translate and scouring the links posted below) it appears that Ziel Bevrijd is a one man project from multi-instrumentalist Viingrid and this self titled tape is the 12th release by label Les Productions Heretiques (keep an eye out for more on this label coming soon on The Slug). 

Viingrid delivers some outstanding aggressive, yet atmospheric, black metal. From peaceful interludes to scathing shriekery, Ziel Bevrijd deliver the goods with an abrasive edge. I'm generally impressed with solo-projects just because I can't play one instrument let alone develop an entire arrangement on my own. That in mind, I may be a bit biased, but I'm honestly as entranced with this tape as I am with the ocean.

 In total we have six (six six ohhhh funny devil joke) songs, one of them being "Spleen," a cover song originally by the amazing Peste Noire. The low-fi muddle of Ziel Bevrijd is appealing to myself as it will be for most low-fi fans. The hiss of the tape resonates solid, and welcome within my ears. No over-polished platinum bullet belts for this guy. Although...a silver bullet belt would be alright for Werewolf season...

In any case, the transitions from the more serene parts to the contemptuous screeching, feel-the-carpal-tunnel-syndrome-developing-just-by-listening shredding and simplistic yet quality drum-work parts are really appealing. They fuse together seamlessly making nothing on this tape seem out-of-place.  They may be beautiful, but they're equally as unsettling. Hey, that's kind of like the God damn ocean itself. Beautiful but turbulent and unexpected.

Swing by the slew of pages below, or press play on that video if you haven't done so already, and check Ziel Bevrijd out. If you like him/them then swing by Les Productions Heretiques, or Fallen Empire Records and pick yourself up a copy before it's too late. (limited to 100 I believe)

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