Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ghost Empire - Self Titled 2010

Fuzzzzzzzzz fuzzzzzzzzzz fuzzzzzz swirls and voice overs and fuzzzzzzzzzz. Like that sweater your grandma buys you every holiday that makes you itch like crazy, Ghost Empire's 2010 self titled album is one fuzzy son of a bitch.

It's definitely doomy and sludgy as label, Nojoy Records (although they're on Absurd Creature the same label that released the Gottesmorder EP, Nojoy is run by a member(s) of Gottesmorder), described them but there is more than your typical sludge going on. Sure there are the heavy as a smoker's lungs riffage and scream/yell vocals and feedback mountain ranges pushing your ear-holes to the limit but then there are also some samples fit into the mix, some echoing speech and some electronics a la Batillus (thought I reviewed their album on here but apparently I didn't).

There are eight tracks on this album and they sound even more interesting in headphones, sweeping back and forth from ear to ear giving a nice unsettling feel.
The vocals make me want to yell back at the intangible voice while my less-than-appropriate finger points at the feral spirits in the air. The music is more appealing than the band's moniker but who am I to judge, maybe there's more to the name that I'm too ignorant to understand.

Ghost Empire throw in some unexpected interludes but consistently bring my mind back to a comparison to Batillus. Powered-Doom maybe? Why not, we need more confusing ass genre terms don't we? If you like fuzzy things or sludgy things, or just feel doomed, check these guys out. The only things we've found on them are below, check it out.


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