Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nefarious Dusk - Demo 2011

Nefarious Dusk is a one-man band from the UK with all instrumentation and lyrics done by Hellfire. As our second actual physical copy from a band, I'm already quasi-excited.

There are only two tracks on here which is understandable when you're doing all the work yourself but also disappointing when you want more to write a review off of. Demos will be demos though.

The first track Shadows of Dawn is pretty straight forward
black metal, no real frills or chills or spills or pills or kills or anything else that rhymes with that. The vocal approach here is pretty relentless, it's making me want to seek out a glass of water just listening to the scathing tone. The guitars do a nice job of bobbing the listener around. The drumming doesn't really reach any pinnacle moment and like the riff-heavy guitars, they leave me wanting more out of it.

The second track, The Graves of What Was Before, is definitely the stand-out on this demo. The main riff in this song is great, although I'm pretty sure I've heard it, or something similar to it before (can't think of where). Again, the vocals are scathing and relentless, reaching far above the track and slapping you around like the little black metal whore you are. I enjoy this track much more but the drumming once again leaves a desire for more technique and almost sounds identical to the drumming on Shadows of Dawn. Granted being a one-man band, I could see the difficulty of doing all the instruments alone and being a demo I feel like some more work will definitely bring this around to a more enjoyable level of listening.

Overall, some more drum-work and Nefarious Dusk could be taken to a whole new level. The vocals have a unique tonal quality to them that I've not really heard much of in black metal but their harshness definitely works. To be a very riff-centric artist, the riffs need to be entertaining and ear-catching like The Graves of What Was Before is. More of that would make this splendidly evil and enjoyable.

As of the moment of this post there is no real "page" for Hellfire's Nefarious Dusk project but once one is available I'll come back and update this post. For now, drop on over to the Úlfarr review and check out the audio player on there as well as the review to get a feel for this. Or, there is this YouTube demo preview

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