Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Úlfarr - Demo 2011

Úlfarr is a three-piece consisting of Hellfire(bass, vocals), Chironex(guitar, vocals), and Esox Lucius(drums). Although Hellfire did all the lyrics and istrumentation on this 2011 demo. The other two members joined pretty recently to form a full band.(Bandcamp player at the bottom, drop down there and press play to listen while you read)

Hailing from the UK and apparently having multiple one-man projects with different names (Nefarious Dusk)((and yes I know they're a three-piece, I did just write that)), Úlfarr is the prominent of the two, at least for me.

The drumming is far better than that of Hellfire's Nefarious Dusk project. The guitars feel less riff-centric and give much more of a nice haunting atmosphere sure to keep the kiddies awake at night and frighten people next to you at traffic lights. 

The first track Forgotten by Time displays the scathing vocals Hellfire is definitely accustomed to and has an overall dismal appeal to it. This track clocks in a bit over eight and a half minutes with the last 35-40 seconds being a note decaying and turning into an atmospheric haunt. The guitars are awesome on this track and the feel of it is just chilling and menacing. I felt like I was hiding in the ruins of a decrepit graveyard peering out from behind a tombstone anticipating the worst when listening to this track and that dreadful feeling carried over splendidly to track two. 

Track two, Cold in Death, is just an instrumental track that repeats the same riff over and over. It has a funeral-march feel to it, very mournful and depressing like the walk out of that graveyard from before after you realize you shit your pants from being frightened by some sort of graveyard ghoul. Keeping your head hung low and solemnly scuffling your black boots along the gravel road back to your awaiting vehicle. Mother was right when she told you to always keep a clean pair of underoos handy. 

Úlfarr is by far much more preferable (to me at least) over Hellfire's Nefarious Dusk project. While Nefarious Dusk is more raw and aggressive, the intense feelings I get from Úlfarr's 2011 demo just resonate further with me as a listener. Definitely drop by the Úlfarr Facebook and Bandcamp and give this project a chance. I'm looking forward to the next demo or hopefully full length, but this time, I'm going to make sure I bring an extra pair of underwear. 


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