Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bosse-de-nage - ii

Image of Bosse-de-Nage "ii" CD

Beautiful, sprawling, majestic post-black metal. Awe inspiring and always forward thinking. No, that's not quite right. Thinking metal sums it up nicely.  Bosse-de-nage   have created a genuine thought-provoking piece. 

With the wrong ears,  Bosse-de-nage  could be contemptuously lumped with the shoe-gaze metal scene. Half listened to, and thrown in the pile on top of Liturgy, a serious mistake would have been made. Not listening with a serious ear, and an absolute attention to detail, could yield terrible and unforeseeable endings. If the tortured screams are to be believed. Which I believe the are.

The other similarity  Bosse-de-nage  hold with Liturgy is they both come from cites with affluent hipster populations. This fact, at least in a general sense has not contributed to the flourishing, so to speak, of black metal from these lands.The other act, which immediately comes to mind is the now-defunct Ludicra (also from San Francisco). An act which excused itself so members could pursue more nefarious, classic rock-leaning interests in Hammers of Misfortune. Is it possible that Bosse-de-nage could follow in these footsteps, and possibly become the REO Speedwagon to Hammer of Misfortunes Journey? I think not. 

Seeking information on  Bosse-de-nage   proves a fruitless endevour. From what I can ascertain, the music speaks for itself in volume. Lyrics to this album were found, however. They revealed a fascination with the taboos and everyday anxieties of man. 

Volume II Chapter I is almost an allegory on the wall street debacle and its relation to us as the common man. "This singular man is distinguished by the anxiety he carries in his stomach. Yet, his burden is as artificial as his coat." Corporate America destroyed this country, then without a trace of shame or respite, took that very money from our pockets. The song continues on, using metaphors taking you through the disgust. The occupy movement, and the Corporate thugs who will use their corporate person-hood to whatever advantage to maintain power. Or, perhaps, Bosse-de-nage just thinks someone is clearly a pretentious asshole. I hope its not me.

The songs continue on, telling the story of a woman as a pure, animalistic sexual object (Marie in a Cage).  Bosse-de-nage  then talks (Wails in torment) of a writer who remains beyond the ability to write, or even describe the things he wishes to tell.  The Death Posture sums up , at its moment of coming. How it surprises us, and we barely recognize its existence, even when so close to its enactment. Why am I so Lovely? Because my Master Washes Me then, while maintaining song-title-of-the-year, touches on our time to dream and its necessity. Thinking is at the very core of this album. A trend seldom seen. 

All the while, the guitars provide an ambient and lush, driving and textured, layered backdrop. The drums drive and swoon, pacing themselves as the song deems. Fans of songwriting will not be disappointed. Nuance is key in all Bosse-de-nage instrumentation. 

Overall, this is an album in the true sense of the word. Although, the songs could stand alone, this album is put together perfectly. Go buy it on the ridiculously excellent Flenser Records website.


  1. Cool review but Liturgy are actually from New York, not San Francisco.

  2. We got that fixed, thank you for pointing that out and stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the review.

  3. Great album, great review. One of my favorite releases this year. Are you guys doing a year-end best of list? I would be very interested.

  4. We are actually, figured we'd wait a bit to release those considering there's a couple weeks left of the year, don't want to miss a last minute gem. Myself, Todd and Mark will each have a list, keep an eye out for those. Glad you liked the review and thanks for stopping through to check out our material.


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