Friday, December 2, 2011

Grime - S/T

Yes. Fuck Yes. Like an unholy pairing of Grief and the Abominable Iron Sloth. Together, they form the hideous, shrieking, balls-swinging-like-a-motherfucker, murderous beast that is Grime. Grime despises the human race. And the sun. Always the sun. Hiding, ready to rape and kill at a moments notice (They need a label).

Grime is a, scratch that, the Sludge band from Triste, Italy. It is composed of Chris on pounding massive drums, Lorenzo on distorted heavy, heavy guitar, Paulo holding down the core with his immense bass and, of course, Marco on gargling-on-glass-and-chewing-tobacco vocals and backing guitars. It can not be underestimated how well they work in tandem. And the songs, the songs.

With the first song, "The Journey," Grime heaves a wrecking ball riff, relentlessly assaulting your neck, causing violent, lurching headbanging. You will not escape. Nor will you want to. Life is shit. We are shit. Embrace it. Love it. Beat the fuck out of it.

Grime's next ditty is "Charon." It starts, appropriately, with a sample from House of 1000 corpses, then immediately launches into a bludgeoning riff. Paulo's bass is holding it tight. Midway through, the band slows down giving more focus to Marco's vocals. He kills it. None will survive. You know the story by now.

Go download this now. And donate every cent you have to the enigma that is Grime. If a label won't sign them, Grime may need the cash to record a full length, and unleash Armageddon.

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