Monday, December 5, 2011

Blasphemophager - The III Command of the Absolute Chaos

The III Command of the Absolute Chaos Cover Art

So, i'm listening to the new Blasphemophagher, The III Command Of The Absolute Chaos. Its full frontal Black/Death/Thrash assault is skullfucking me quite nicely. Entering the Expanding Plasma comes on, and suddenly, metal face! My lips curl out into a rabid snarl, eyebrows lower towards the middle, and my entire face gives the proverbial fuck yes! Must find goats, or virgins. Or virgin goats. A sacrifice is needed. THE UNCLEAN GODS OF CHAOS MUST BE FED! Am I right?!

Italy's Blasphemophagher continue this righteous theme of Blasphemy, Savagery, and excellence.
Blackened grunts via vocalist/bassist R.R.UNHOLY BASTARD & PHOSGENE WARGAS spitting blood and bile all over me. I can hear the matter fly. All the while, his bass provided a rumbling, galloping, apocalyptic rhythm.
The drums, provided by NECROVOMITERROR pound and blast at a frenetic pace, decimating all oncomers in the process. This is the rumbling meant to bring about the end of all. As fast as possible. In tandem with the bass, this is one gnarly rhythm section.
ATOMIC INCINERATOR OF NECRONUCLEAR COLLAPSE AND PLUTONIUM WINDS completes the Satanic triad. He brings the riffs, oh Satan does he ever bring the riffs. 

The artwork for this album is equally fantastic. Paolo "Madman" Girardy has crafted two epic paintings. Odes to inevitable nuclear destruction that awaits us. Gorgeous. The entire vinyl package is spectacular. No big surprise from primo label Nuclear War Now.

No matter how its laid out (cd, vinyl, download), The III Command of Absolute Chaos is a must have. Slaughter the weak and help harken our inevitable demise. Or just bang your fucking face in. Buy this. Now.

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