Saturday, November 26, 2011

Moloch - Possession

Moloch has EYEHATEGOD written all over them. The second you put on this album it’s an instant reminder of all the classic EHG albums that await your daily listening regime. Moloch slop out feedback to all the awaiting piggies so they can snort it up and let it soak their unquenchable thirst for more ear and glass splitting delights. 

Possession is definitely a sludge album, filled with the aforementioned feedback, heavy bass lines and some punk-like splurges.  The samples are chaotic, ranting nonsense, screaming, horrific in nature and coated in the wailings of amplifiers. It feels like having a dulled adrenaline
rush. You feel sluggish in your mind but everything is happening far faster than it thinks. Moloch are relentless enough to not give a shit that you’re not paying attention right before they come up and choke you out with a plastic bag. Moloch pretty much follow the cookie-cutter idea of sludge, wailing feedback, some bass lines, slow parts, faster punk parts etc, but that’s not bad. We’ve needed someone to come along and feed new life back into the “original” sound. I’m pretty sure I’m catching a bass-line consistent with Frère Jacques which is amusing and awesome at the same time.

Moloch’s Possession is for the weak, the beaten, the bruised, the depressed and the downright dead-to-life people who want someone to feel as miserable as we all do. This album has that connection to the addicted, burnt out, dead-end workers that EYEHATEGOD had and still has. Possession is an album with all the real, raw emotions you’re forced to go through whether you want to or not.

The album is available through Vendetta Records out of Germany, an awesome label with a large distribution sect for a lot of great bands (Thou, Salome,).Below are the links to find what you need. Tell them The Slug sent you…or something weird like that.

(This particular Moloch is from Nottingham, there are a number of Molochs out there) 

Not the greatest video but you get the idea.

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