Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dressed in Streams-Self Titled

                                                        Written By Todd

I first heard about this release from a random Facebook post from fellow bloggers, Hammer Smashed Sound. The post basically stated how much they loved this tape and that they were planning to wear it out. This immediately caught my attention, as they have excellent taste. So, I picked up a copy from Colloquial Sound Recordings. What i got was nothing short of extraordinary.

Dressed in Streams have mastered the lo-fi Black Metal sound. Furiously atmospheric, these 3 songs sweep you away into all their fury almost immediately. I love the heavy use of keyboards in these songs. Distant banshee wails permeate the recording. The band takes you on a journey that leaves you breathless by the end. 

I'm not going to say much more about this, as I think the description is more than enough to peak some of your interests. There is very little information about the band, but it does appear that there is a political agenda behind these songs as there is some info out there about an association with the Free India Legion. Definitely interesting stuff. 

Pressed on 100 cold blue cassettes, pick it up now before they're gone. Once purchased, you also get a link to download the mp3's. Purchase here from Colloquial Sound Recordings. 

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