Thursday, November 17, 2011

False - Untitled

False, a band that’s nearly impossible to find any information about. Much like obscure black-drone band, Hell, they’ve decided to use a moniker that’s so generic that it develops millions of search engine results. The resurfacing popularity of analog formats lends to this, wanting to develop a time reminiscent of the tape-trading days that I’ve only heard about, in which the only way you could hear some bands was through trading of tapes.

False’s Untitled debut, brought to us by Gilead Media and Howling Mine Records, is a two track gem sitting in the depths of your throat, choking you as you relish in its beauty. Both, Sleepmaker, and The Key of Passive Suffering, read through as stories. The Key of Passive Suffering is a lengthy track that I’ll leave up to you to decipher, lyrically, when you purchase the album (cough, cough). False tear through minute after minute of aggressive riffs with a few passages backed by tasteful keyboard work. Vocally, False, are very aggressive and harsh. The vocalist sounds like she may have ate sand, glass, and fire…or created glass with sand and fire in her throat….something like that.

Sleepmaker is a tale of a superior being sending his daughter, Sekhmet, to teach a lesson to those who disobeyed his will. A pretty interesting story with slaughtering and flesh-eating. What could go wrong there? Musically, Sleepmaker rocks you back and forth with guitars swooping from ear to ear and relying more on the keys than The Key of Passive Suffering did. There’s an entrancing instrumental segment within Sleepmaker that slows things down for awhile, causing a sense of relaxation before False break out into another sonic assault. False play aggressive (how many times can I use aggressive?) black metal, with keys.

They do, do shows. When those dates are officially released I'll try to get them posted up here. They'll be playing with Battle Path on December 3rd in Nashville, Tennessee at The Little Hamilton.

Drop by the Gilead Media Bandcamp page and check out all of their fine releases and support False for their efforts on this excellent album.

False's Bandcamp
Gilead Media
Gilead Media's Bandcamp
Howling Mine Records

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